Mountain Holidays

Queen of Hill Darjeeling

Queen of hillDarjeeling offers a quick escape to the lap of Mother Nature where celebrates her eternally beautiful treasures. Enjoy east India tour which will be covering destinations rich with nature’s bounty and cultural splendour. Draped with verdant tea gardens and backed by spectacular views of Himalayan Ranges, the panorama spread across is simply incredible. The town of Darjeeling is an archetypal hill station facing majestic Kanchenjunga and is laden with colonial architecture, Buddhist and Hindu holy shrines and refreshing Himalayan Fauna.

The Toy Train of Darjeeling Himalayan Railways (DHR) has been accorded the UNESCO World Heritage. The main attraction of Darjeeling is riding the Toy Train always been joyful and great experience to the tourists. Enchanting in character the pretty hill station of Darjeeling unleashes refreshing breeze of tea gardens and serenity of its virgin vistas for a fabulous holidaying experience.


  • 4 days
  • Sunrise at Tiger Hill
  • City Tour
  • Joy Ride
  • Day Trip To Mirik / Pashupati

The land of Flowers Kalimpong

land of flowersSurrounded by mountains, a small hill station, Kalimpong situated at an altitude of 1250 m. provide a great panoramic view of Himalayas. Being a historical town, Kalimpong offers many places to visit like Dello Hill, Durbin Dara, Dr. Graham’s Homes, Lava, Loleygaon, Reshap, Silhari, Reshi River, Pedong etc.

The attraction of this place also includes monasteries, churches and temples. Kalimpong is famous for its indigenous arts and crafts. Kalimpong has developed good silk trading business with Tibet till 1950. Kalimpong is famous for flower and Buddhist monasteries.


  • 4 days
  • Dello Hills
  • City Tour
  • Day Excursion: Lava/Loleygaon
  • Paragliding

Proud of east Sikkim

East SikkimSituated in the Eastern Himalayas, this beautiful state of Sikkim is situated between the kingdom of Nepal in the West and Bhutan in the East, Tibet in the North and the state of West Bengal in the South. Amidst the grandeur of the mountain peaks, lush green valley’s cascading waterfalls and fast flowing rivers, beautiful monasteries and terraced hills, Sikkim offers her visitor a rare and exotic experience.

Be it spiritual tour to monastery or trekking at inconceivable heights, Sikkim is full of remarkable tourist attractions that are worth visiting. The celestial beauty of this bewitching is ceaseless, the more you know and the more you would desire to visit. Sikkim is not any less than a paradise on the Earth. Once seen, it would be not difficult for you to savour and appreciate the state for its wonderful splendour.


  • 7 days
  • Pelling
  • Gangtok City Tour
  • Tsangu
  • Yumthang Valley

The Abode Cloud North East

North EastNorth-East India is arguably one of the most fascinating places of India and of the world, located at the north-eastern region of India, and consisting of 7 states, called collectively as 'the seven sisters'. Much of the region has been left unexplored till date, owning to the regions formidable terrain consisting of mountains, hills, rainforests, river, jungles and predators, and deficiency for proper infrastructure. The small sized region is a biodiversity hub, having one of the highest biodiversity density found anywhere in the world.


  • 6 days
  • Shillong
  • Cherapunji
  • Kaziranga National Park
  • Guwahati

Enchanting Nepal

Enchanting NepalNepal a small but exceptionally beautiful Himalayan kingdom is a land of assortment where variances lies everywhere. Situated in the lap of the Himalayas, Nepal is known for its strikingly beautiful natural landscapes, amazing historical monuments, beautiful temples, a unique and vibrant culture are widely noted by world traveller who visit this land every year. Nepal also has Ten World Heritage Sites which are regarded as the Himalayan Spirit which Lives and Breathes, and some of the highest mountains in the world including Mount Everest lives in Nepal.


  • 6 Days
  • Kathmandu
  • Pokhara
  • Chitwan National Park

The Land of Thunder Dragon Bhutan

thunder dragon BhutanBhutan is the Country of a stunning and wide variety of flora and fauna, amazing architecture, ancient traditions, impressive monasteries, a deeply revered king, remarkably friendly people and unique colourful culture. Here Buddhism is a natural way of life and the whole country breathes peace, tranquillity, enchantment, joy and age-old wisdom. It’s also the country having introduced Gross National Happiness to the world as an alternative for the economical Gross National Product, thereby inspiring many other countries to look at happiness and development in a different, richer way. Travel ahead of the masses and let yourself be immersed in a bath of beauty and wonder in the worlds last Shangri-La.


  • 7 Days
  • Thimphu
  • Paro
  • Punakha